Aero Bricks Company Pvt. Ltd. is one of the oldest manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated concrete Blocks in Nepal. Founded in 2015, the company started its production of Aero Lite AAC Blocks from 2016 through its modern and fully automated German technology plant based in Chitwan with the production capacity of 500 cubic meters of AAC blocks per day. An ISO 9001:2015 certified Aero Lite AAC Block is one of the most reliable, affordable and highly efficient international quality construction material available in the market.

We aim at becoming a leading manufacturer of AAC Blocks in Nepal and stay committed to offering a complete system backed up by skilled technical support and excellent customer service. We believe in delivering high-quality and cost-effective products which add value to our customers. We act with integrity and respect. We are continuously driven towards the improvement of our environmental performance and thrive for a greener and more sustainable planet.

Our Commitment is to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price with excellent customer service.

We aim to leave a positive impact on our community and environment.

Our vision is to bring our customers into 21st Century, through innovation and modern technology and leave a sustainable world for future generations.

Revolutionize the Nepali construction industry by introducing the latest AAC block building technique.

To grow as a company that delivers utmost quality and keeps up the commitment of creating structures that surpass the highest quality standards.

To move forward with its country, customers, and community in mind.

Quality – Zero Compromise

Excellence – Deliver best quality products.

Durability – Ensure durable and sustainable products.

Integrity – Maintain professional and personal ethics.